CHI Vendor List

The following vendors will be exhibiting a great selection of snakes, frogs, toads, turtles, lizards, insects, feeder mice and rats at the show.  Not only will our dealers have these unique and unusual exotic creatures for sale, but they will also offer valuable information on your purchase. Food, habitats and a variety of supplies will be available to please both you and your pet. So come, look, and choose one to be your very own!

Vendor list confirmed thus far for the August 2017 Show: – Feeder crickets, tortoises, chameleons, geckos, frogs, tarantulas and more – frozen rats, mice, guinea pigs, quail
Snakess and Lizzards – variety of kingsnakes, corns, milks, balls and supplies
USArk Donation table
Chicago Herpetological Society – Educational booth with displays
Brandon’s Bugs – dubia, hissing cockroaches, mealworms, superworms, hornworms, egg crate and more
Apex Exotics – variety of cresteds, gargoyles, pangea foods and supplies
Dart Frog Connection – Dart frogs, various frogs, plants, tarantulas and product
Spyder Collector – Wide variety of tarantulas, scopions and more
Superior Scales Reptiles
J and A Reptiles – balls, retics, burms, frogs, lizards and more
Good Ole Hemp – Reptile Bedding
Aritonnic Reptiles
Manhattan Reptile World – Wide variety of Zoo Med, Zilla and Exo Terra Supplies. They will also have a wide variety of reptiles to choose from.
The Jewelry Tree
Maniac Morphs – High End bearded dragons
B&N Reptiles – Burms, African rock, Anaconda, balls and more
Ochrona, Inc.

More booking daily…

Not Confirmed:
Immortal reptiles – leopard geckos, cresteds and balls
Chicago Panther Company – variety of panther chameleons with supplies
RJS Reptiles – variety of ball pythons