KC Vendor List

The following vendors will be exhibiting a great selection of snakes, frogs, toads, turtles, lizards, insects, feeder mice and rats at the show.  Not only will our dealers have these unique and unusual exotic creatures for sale, but they will also offer valuable information on your purchase. Food, habitats and a variety of supplies will be available to please both you and your pet. So come, look, and choose one to be your very own!

Reptile / Supply / Feeder Vendors Confirmed for January 21st Show:
GoLizards.com – Variety of reptiles, live feeder insects, live feeder rodents and Product
RodentPro.com – Frozen rodents, quail and more
Brandon’s Bugs – Feeder roaches, various feeder insects, pet invertebrates, leopard geckos and insect supplies.
Apex Exotics- High End Crested Geckos, Gargoyle geckos, Chahouas, Leachianus, Pangea diet and setups
Tornado Alley Reptiles – Variety of Ball Pythons
Manhattan Reptile World – variety of snakes, lizards and frogs
Snakess N Lizzards – variety of colubrids, balls and supplies
Heartland Exotics – variety of Tarantulas
Sugarbears – Sugar gliders and accessories
A-List Reptiles
Firestorm Geckos
BRACE Exotics – variety ball pythons and RACK SYSTEMS
AM Reptiles
AD Exotics
Johnson’s Sweet Reptiles
Paper Street Exotic Pets and Rescue
Double R Reptiles
Kiffnie Holt – cb tarantulas and more
The Frog Girl – captive bred red eye tree frogs, milk frogs and more
Stephen Rinick – variety of high end bearded dragons
Bostwick Reptiles
Slither Reptiles
Feeder Frenzy Reptiles
S&L Captive Bred Specialties
Kaodik Exoticz
Dragon Tamer Reptiles
Roving Reptiles
Rachaels Dream

Commercial / Business Vendors:
Paradise Cruises and Tours
Renewal By Anderson
Hague Quality Water

Not Verified:
Dart Frog Connection – variety of dart frogs, tarantulas, lizards and supplies
Olathe Pet Paradise – variety of reptiles, hedge hogs and sugar gliders
Nyxilyn’s Reptiles
Gateway Dragons – variety of bearded dragons
David Tuohy
Shade Tree Exotics
Dr Larry Holtfrich
Perfectly Posh
Johnson’s Sweet Reptiles
Chameleon Cans
TKO Orange
Lava Lizards – ball pythons and crested geckos
Cramers Critters

More are verifying daily…