MN Vendor List

The following vendors will be exhibiting a great selection of snakes, frogs, toads, turtles, lizards, insects, feeder mice and rats at the show.  Not only will our dealers have these unique and unusual exotic creatures for sale, but they will also offer valuable information on your purchase. Food, habitats and a variety of supplies will be available to please both you and your pet. So come, look, and choose one to be your very own!

Confirmed vendors for our September 10th Show: – Snakes, lizards, tortoises, chameleons, Zoo Med product, Zilla product, Exo Terra product, crickets and more
Rodent Pro – Wide variety of frozen feeders
JSA Reptiles – Ball pythons and more
Reptiles Forever – Leechies, crested geckos, cork bark and more
Tinker and Bone Studio
T.K. Killer Creatures
Brandon’s Bugs – dubia, meal worms, super worms, horned worms and more
Studio Payne
Fire N’ Ice Geckos – Variety of leopard geckos and more
Little Critters Pet Shop – Variety of reptiles
Snakess and Lizzards – Variety of corns, kings, milks and more
B.R.A.C.E. Exotics – Ball pythons and RACK SYSTEMS
Minnesota Herp Society
Apex Exotics – Crested geckos, Gargoyle geckos, cork bark and more
Good Ole Hemp Reptiles – Reptile bedding
Dart Frog Connections – dart frogs, various frogs, lizards and more
Spyder Collector – various tarantulas and scorpions
April Homich
Heartland Exotics – Wide variety of tarantulas and more
Janie Mork
Manhattan Reptile World
Furry & Feathered Friends – Hedge Hogs, Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters & African Soft Fur Rats plus New Cages & Supplies
Johnson’s Sweet Reptiles
Monarch Constrictors
Serpent Syndicate
Triple C Reptiles
Pearson’s Pythons
Kyles Reptiles
Noah’s Geckos
Courtney Gaverth
Leaping Lizards Pet Store
Grossboy Exotics
Good Ole’ Hemp
B.R.A.C.E. Exotics
Manhattan Reptile World
Fins and Friends LLC

More vendors to come…