OK Vendor List

The following vendors will be exhibiting a great selection of snakes, frogs, toads, turtles, lizards, insects, feeder mice and rats at the show.  Not only will our dealers have these unique and unusual exotic creatures for sale, but they will also offer valuable information on your purchase. Food, habitats and a variety of supplies will be available to please both you and your pet. So come, look, and choose one to be your very own!

Vendor list confirmed for August 19, 2018 Show:

GoLizards.com – Variety of reptiles, loose and 1000ct boxes of crickets ($20/thousand)
Brandon’s Bugs – Various species of feeder insects including dubia roaches, horned worms, silk worms
Serpent Food – live rodents, frozen rodents, Sani chip bags and 50# bags of Mazuri Rodent Food
Paper Street Exotic Pets and Rescue
Recoil Reptiles – Ball pythons, dubia roaches and RACK SYSTEMS
Apex Exotics – High quality crested geckos and gargoyle geckos
Manhattan Reptile World – variety of snakes, lizards, frogs and a full line of supplies including Zoo Med, Exo Terra and more
The Frog Girl – cbb red frogs, amazon milk frogs and live plants
T-Town Reptiles
S&L Captive Bred Specialties and more
Happy Axie – vareity of Axolotls
Paws N Claws – Hedge Hogs, designer guinea pigs and DoTerra oil products
Snakes Alive
Shore Enough Snakes
Twin Rivers Reptiles – Kenyan Sand boas and corn snakes
Shell – Baby Sulcata Torts
KD Dragons – Bearded Dragons
Legacy Reptiles
Darrell Long
Matthew Gentry
Snakes N Lizards
EDB Reptiles
Flashpoint Geckos
Simon T Reptiles
Eight Legged Beauty
Candy’s Country Critters
Split Tongue Exotics
Nebula Exotics
Alotta Lotls
The Reptile Temple
Texoma Reptiles

Non reptile vendors
Leaf Filter
Usborne Books & More